This page is inspired by the Now movement.

I’m currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam apprenticing with the wonderful people of MindKind Institute while working on the side as a guide, facilitator and writer. I’m also teaching Contact Improvisation dance here (because otherwise there is no one to dance with…😅)

My writing on  Medium.

Current focus:
Over the next six months (till June 2020) my work includes (in no particular order)

  • Help Dr Home cultivate & strengthen partnershipsto create more work opportunities for MindKind Institute in cultivating wise & kind leaders in Vietnam & Southeast Asia.
  • Finish 4 chapters of a new book that I am co-authoring with Stephen D’Souza (temporarily titled “Not Being”) about deep change to who we are – a transformation of identity – and what it means to live, work and lead from that new way of being (or interbeing). You can sign up for more info here.
  • Continue sharing my learning & reflection through newsletter & blog.
  • Research, decide and prepare to apply to PhD programs on Organizational Behaviors.
  • Deepen my coaching practice through working with 3-5 more clients. Also fundraise for a coaching program on Integral Coaching & Enneagram. Tiếng Việt ở đây, Nôm na chuyện đời.
  • Deepen my movement & embodiment life through teaching & practicing Contact Improvisation here in Ho Chi Minh City to more people.
  • Most importantly, notice when I am out of the element and get back into the flow of clarity & love.

The help I can give: reach out when you need

  • someone to see them for who they are and accept their flaws while trusting their highest potential (i.e most of ambitious, driven and successful young people 😊)
  • questions that nudge them to reflect and guide their life towards deeper alignment.
  • a thinking & sparring partner who can also write.
  • someone who can bring people together.
  • a new energy to shake things up.

The help I need right now

  • Opportunities: Know of anyone or any companies in Vietnam / Southeast Asia interested in leadership development with a focus on wisdom & compassion? Let me know!
  • Accountability: Checking in with me how I am doing.
  • Recommendations: Tell me related readings & people to interview about the book or PhD programs.
  • Subscribe to my newsletter, read my work and share your reflection.
  • Refer people or hire me as a guide. 🚌 Especially if you are a smart, growth-oriented and ambitious Millennial who want to make a difference yet often struggle with knowing and loving yourself.
  • Try contact improv classes or help me create opportunities to bring more movement & embodiment to people who will benefit.

Ongoing Practice: “Love your work. Love your people. Love your world. They will provide for you, more than anything you can ever ask for.”

Now to other info

Weekly Newsletter: If you want to hear more regular updates with all of its absurdly profound quirkiness, I write a weekly digest to share thoughts. CHECK IT OUT HERE 😋 Enzyme for Thoughts.  

Working together: I’m always on the look for play-mates, make-mates and action-research-mates. If you are actively pursuing a few really interesting questions, if what you are creating is not just a product or a community but also a theory or IF YOU JUST WANT TO SAY HI please reach out to me. The Internet is pretty good for serendipity, heh.

Also, if we ever work together, you may want to read Khuyen 101, a guide I wrote to make easier for people to understand me. It’s updated regularly, although I’m in a perpetual beta mode so do expect some bugs. Also, How to Love Khuyen, because we are all learning to love better and it’s good to make it easier 🤩

Reading: I read mostly on Kindle and Pocket (link here). A LOT of my learning notes can be found here on If you want to see more personal reflection, reach out to me.