My 2023 theme: Radiant Devotion. It is to devote certain people, practices & path, and becoming even more radiant in doing so.

Ongoing experiment for 2023: to hone in, to be One Thing to Everybody, and Everything to Somebody.

Current focus: exploring & testing My Three Dreams

  • WHO: collaborators, dear friends, community, audience, “running mates”.
  • WHAT:
    • PRIMARY: my PhD path in Bayes Business School, London. My lifelong interest is in change, at personal and organizational level.
      • Current focus: identity change, transformation experiences (i.e “I am no longer the same person”), entrepreneurship, spirituality.
      • One paper is looking at founders who offer “self-transformation as a service”.
        • How do they navigate their own journey of change? How did they decide to turn that into a venture? Whether or how they bring that into their team and service?
    • PARALLEL: as an executive coach, author & community weaver.
  • SELF (i.e “Inner Work”): Through formal practice of meditation, dance, relating & daily living.
    • Most importantly, show up for a life that I truly love, where we get to fall in love with the world’s heartbreaks and bliss, again and again.
    • I’m done with grow through suffering. What is it like to grow through joy?

We will click if you are

  • choosing to live in multiple worlds (cultures, communities, professional domains, interests, modalities, belief systems)
  • bringing people together out of curiosity & a longing for “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”
  • building something that aims to change the way we live, love, work, and play.

Ways to start exploring with me:

  • Read my book, Not Being – The Art of Self Transformation, and invite me to give talks or podcast interviews
  • Reach out as collaborator, playmate, research buddy, close friend, soul companion & potential long-term life partner.
  • Refer people or hire me as a guide, especially if you are a leader in the transition from one stage to another🚌
  • Subscribe to my newsletter, Enzyme for Thought, read my work and share your reflection. That will help me hone my thinking.

Working together: read A Guide to Khuyen.
Loving me: read How to Love Khuyen. Let’s love well. 🤩
p/s: This page is inspired by the Now movement.