This page is inspired by the Now movement.

I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam apprenticing with the wonderful people of MindKind Institute while working on the side as life coach, facilitator and writer. I’m also teaching Contact Improvisation dance here (because otherwise there is no one to dance with…😅)

My writing on  Medium.

Current focus:

  • Learn to work with love and create a joyful livelihood.
  • Enter, navigate and hopefully merge the worlds of money & meaning,  love & relationship.
  • Bring my guiding practice to more people who need it. Tiếng Việt ở đây, Nôm na chuyện đời.
  • Design experiences through workshops, gatherings and rituals both online and offline to facilitate adults learning & solving problems together.
  • Write: ask new questions, synthesize insights and show up for the Muse. In this sense, writing has become a spiritual practice: mostly challenging, oftentimes rewarding and ultimately necessary.

Ongoing experiment: “Love your work. Love your people. Love your world. They will provide for you, more than anything you can ever ask for.”

  • I’m trying to be more generous, especially when people need
    • someone to see them for who they are and accept their flaws while trusting their highest potential (i.e most of ambitious, driven and successful young people 😊)
    • questions that nudge them to reflect and guide their life towards deeper alignment.
    • a thinking & sparring partner who can also write.
    • someone who can bring people together.
    • a new energy to shake things up.
  • Two limiting beliefs that I’m testing
    • “If I spend too much time helping people, I’ll burn out.” Not necessarily true. If I truly serve well, I’ll be energized. Plus, as long as I remember to ask for what I need, there will always be more than enough.
    • “If I don’t spend enough time thinking & writing, I have nothing to contribute.” Not necessarily true. What I can improvise on the spot maybe even be more useful.
  • I’m also exploring a gift economy, where money can be a meaningful gift. This online course, Living in the Gift by Charles Eisenstein, is a blessing! It also motivates me to live life more ceremonially, in sacred reverence of the great Mystery even in the mundane day to day.

Now to other info

Weekly Digest: If you want to hear more regular updates with all of its absurdly profound quirkiness, I write a weekly digest to share thoughts. CHECK IT OUT HERE 😋 Enzyme for Thoughts.  

Working together: I’m always on the look for play-mates, make-mates and action-research-mates. If you are actively pursuing a few really interesting questions, if what you are creating is not just a product or a community but also a theory, please reach out to me. The Internet is pretty good for serendipity 🙂

Also, if we ever work together, you may want to read Khuyen 101, a guide I wrote to make easier for people to understand me. It’s updated regularly, although I’m in a perpetual beta mode so do expect some bugs. If you are really curious, here is an ongoing map.

Reading: I read mostly on Kindle and Pocket (link here). A LOT of my learning notes can be found here on If you want to see more personal reflection, reach out to me.