This page is inspired by the Now movement. I’m currently working as a guide, life coach, facilitator, writer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Current focus:

  • Bring my guiding practice to more people who need it. Tiếng Việt ở đây, Nôm na chuyện đời.
  • Design experiences through workshops, gatherings and rituals both online and offline to facilitate group learning & seeing with new eyes.
  • Write: ask new questions, synthesize insights, showing up for the Muse to visit. In this sense, writing has become a spiritual practice: challenging, oftentimes pointless but ultimately necessary.
  • Personal development: dance around, be more in touch with the more-than-human world.

Ongoing experiment: “The world will provide for you”.

  • I’m trying to be more generous, especially when people need 1) different perspectives 2) good questions 3) someone who can bring people together 4) a new energy to shake things up.
    • Two limiting beliefs that I’m testing
      • “If I don’t spend enough time thinking & writing, I have nothing to contribute.” Not necessarily true. What I can improvise on the spot maybe even be more useful.
      • “If I spend too much time helping people, I’ll burn out.” Not necessarily true. As long as I remember to ask for what I need, there will always be more than enough.
  • I’m also exploring a gift economy, where money can be a meaningful gift. This online course, Living in the Gift by Charles Eisenstein, is a blessing!

Now to other info

Weekly Digest: If you want to hear more regular updates with all of its absurdly profound quirkiness, I write a weekly digest to share thoughts. CHECK IT OUT HERE 😋 Enzyme for Thoughts.  

Working together: I’m always on the look for play-mates, make-mates and action-research-mates. If you are actively pursuing a few really interesting questions, if what you are creating is not just a product or a community but also a theory, please reach out to me. The Internet is pretty good for serendipity 🙂

Also, if we ever work together, you may want to read Khuyen 101, a guide I wrote to make easier for people to understand me. It’s updated regularly, although I’m in a perpetual beta mode so do expect some bugs. If you are really curious, here is an ongoing map.

Reading: I read mostly on Kindle and Pocket (link here). A LOT of my learning notes can be found here on If you want to see more personal reflection, reach out to me.