The new word for “Failure”

Recently I was interviewed for Passion2Action, a podcast that does exactly what the name suggests – sharing stories about passion to action. I thought I did say something useful, mostly reflections & quotes that have resonated with my life. If you find it helpful, please share with anyone.

Here is the link to the podcast

Passion2Action interview with Khuyen Bui – “The new word for Failure”

Podcast note:

2:15 – What I meant by “learning” and “student of life”
4:00 – Meeting my 1st mentor.
9:10 – Why mentorship is really important for me.
11:00 – More on Peter Drucker: how I heard of him and became a “fanboy” (12:20), learning his questions (13:00), experiences with Peter Drucker Challenge 2015 (15:00). Made a mistake about the five questions he asked in “The Effective Executive” (First Thing First, instead of Managing Relationships)20:30 – Theme of the year instead of “New Year Resolution”
24:20 – My thought on “failure”, and “Flop” (25:24)
28:00 – My struggle with Not knowing

Some reflection

  • More on the word “flop”: Recently I shared with my boss about the word “flop” and she said it might still sound a bit too crushing (for example, a show that “flopped” is a really bad thing). I meant to use the word in a more humorous way, like “flopping all over the place”. It is meant to make fun of the experience. When we can genuinely laugh at something, we really get over it. That’s the power of humor.
  • It is so strange to hear myself speaking, my Singaporean accent (with slight Vietnamese intonation) and a tons of grammatical errors (apparently no one pays attention more to myself than myself).
  • There is always that fear of sounding hypocritical. One of my mentors once asked me: “Are some young people really wise or they only say things that make them seem wise?” I really don’t know – my actions will prove my words. I’m learning to accept that fear too, for it means there is potential to strive further.
  • A lot of “yes”, “yeah” “erm” and “ah”. I may sound too eager. Need to be more aware to tone down in some situations

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