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Another picture will speak 2002 words


Thank you for going all the way to this About Me page. I call it “Why?”, because it’s the question we all ask ourselves before we do something – in this case, it’s your decision to begin our conversation.

I’m Khuyen, a twenty-to-be twenty-already twenty-one twenty-two  twenty-three twenty-four year & old friend who loves to think and share with everyone about everything. Sometimes some of my friends tell me that I think too much, like an old man (I actually like that description). I used to name this blog as “The talky armchair”. The armchair is often the comfy place to sit down and just think, but I like to talk too, so  it seems like a decent metaphor.  I thought of fancier name, like the Determined Indeterminate, which captures one of my worldviews: I haven’t figured out who I am yet, but I’m sure as hell I’m having a lot of fun figuring it out . I stop trying to figure out who I am; now I’m just enjoying inventing myself along the way.  I decided to name the blog my name, clearly because it’s clearer. And if you know me, or care enough to read this page, you know about my always evolving view(s). I want to become the person whom everyone exclaims “WHO ARE YOU!?” and then I’ll respond with a smile: “I don’t know. Shall we create me?” Dynamic, ceaseless growth, in playful pursuit of unknowable, ever-changing Truth.  (look at that seemingly profound line heh).

Here is how I describe myself now.


Evolving Self

I grew up in the lovely city of  Hanoi, Vietnam and spent 4 years of high school to study in Singapore under a scholarship  by the Singapore government – one of the best decisions in my life. Right now I’m really excited to go to US for college this fall to be a freshman to be a sophomore to be a junior to finish my last semester at Tufts University near Boston, Massachusetts & to continue my journey to learn more about myself, about the world and of course about how to live it best better.

This blog is the published part of my journal – about 2% of what I write. Why journaling? Because once I sit down and talk to myself through words I could realize so many thoughts and ideas I would never have otherwise. Journaling has been my most rewarding practice till now, and I won’t be surprised if I still do it when I’m 70. I wrote an answer in Quora here, and I may write a post on it soon. If you take away my ability to think and write, I will cry so badly. Not surprisingly, two of the many things that changed my life are English and the Internet.

I care most about learning and people. As part of the growing up journey, I got to meet many different people. Some share my thoughts and values; many challenge the way I think and view the world, and everyone teaches me something. You too, my dear readers, will help me grow with your thought, support and criticism,  and I hope to share the learning with others. This blog is a place where I share and listen to everyone’s stories, about the uniqueness as well as the commonalities of our experiences. I believe humans are born to be connected with others (not only from Facebook, of course). That’s why I endeavor to find good and trusted friends and to form a  community of people who want to be larger than themselves, to contribute to the lives around us. I love making things happen with people. The only thing that excites me more than the potential of another being is the potential of a group, of a community, of the future. Through shared experiences and reflection together, we all hold the power to transform ourselves. That capacity to grow, to me, is the most wonderful gift of life.

What you would find in this blog:

  • A constantly evolving perspective about everything.
  • Stories I’ve encountered and interwoven with my own.
  • More questions to be answered.
  • That elusive Me, seeking its own identity in its own experiences as well as in those of other living creatures in the world. It’s called Ubuntu – “I am; because of you”

If this sounds too old… maybe it really is. I don’t know. (^_^)

Or you can try looking a bit differently and find that I’m a Computer Science student who enjoys hanging out with folks who like to do cool stuff too. Thinking is fun, and so is doing, feeling, learning, writing, meditating, training, talking, listening, programming, producing crap (literally and metaphorically), working with people, being with people, loving people etc… Basically, living is fun. It is also very hard, so I have to practice everyday.

By the way, please feel free to contact me through my email g.khuyen@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Why?

  1. More polite than what I used to remember ’bout you :)) In your situation, older seems to be better, huh? 🙂

    Welcome to WordPress. Maybe when I’m free in somehow, I’ll go to ‘quarrel’ with you LOL

    • Haha thanks for visiting! You sound like I wasn’t very nice (specifically to you), but yeah, older means wiser for me. I’m still very much the same fun-loving boy who likes to poke (harmless) fun at my friends haha

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  3. Hey Khuyen,

    It’s great to get to know you. Honestly, I have been reading quite a number of your posts and are truly interested in it, especially, your latest one ”Reflection on 2015”. If you have a plan to come back Viet Nam some time this year, I would love to buy you a couple of coffee (if you do not have any problem drinking it), and we can share things in life.

    Anyway, keep up the good work man.
    Happy Lunar New Year 🙂

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