Thought diet

Topics I’m interested in: learning, organizational development, facilitation, Theory U and the communities of change-makers around the world, philosophy, technology – the Internet, the economy, the FUTURE and the past – human connection, spirituality, psychology, sexuality, leadership, Effective Altruism and its related communities.

I’m looking to expand my taste more, so please recommend!

I eat a lot of food for thoughts, and usually share it too.  My principle is that the more I share, the more value I can create. Recommendation is a great thing! The only drawback is that writing and sharing take time, and I often get lost in daily life.

I’m a big podcast fan, especially interviews. On BeingTED Radio HourThe Tim Ferriss Show are currently my favorites. Note to Self aren’t bad.

You can find me reading article on Pocket.
This is a partial list of the books I read & notes I took. I rarely finish one before reading others nowadays. And if you are curious about what goes on in my brain, this is a partial journal. Open both with Notepad. Beware, my brain is messy.