Enzyme for Thought

Short intro

I write a weekly digest from what I observe and muse about during the week. You can check out the issues here. Enzyme for Thoughts.

Long(er) intro


Dear friends,

You have been a good friend of mine, and I want to share with you a personal project that I’ve been thinking about: writing & thinking with friends more regularly 🙂

The story

I read, write, listen and talk to learn. I think we all do that very often, if not all the time.

Everyday, I am exposed to so much knowledge and ideas from classes, people, books, articles, videos, podcasts. I need to digest them. I find from my journaling and writing experience that by slowing down and paying attention to my thoughts, I am often surprised by the ideas that cross my mind.

I also find that conversation with people help our ideas grow. Not only that, good conversations build meaningful relationships: you are reading this because our friendships grew from what we shared with one another. All of us have a lot of thoughts that we want to share, but often we don’t do it enough. We doubt ourselves: “Who cares? What would others think of me if I say this?” I’m afraid of that too, but I trust you enough that I’m going to take a chance. “Maybe you do care. Maybe what I say resonate with you. Maybe you want to share what you think too – in that case, I’m always willing to listen.”

Writing, sharing, listening to other people’s thoughts, these are all good practices that many of us want to do more often, so I thought: “Why don’t I develop a network of good friends to regularly exchange thoughts & feedback?” The goal of this experiment is simple: write to digest, then share to develop.

Introducing the digest

I’m experimenting with this digest because I deeply care about people, learning and community.

The idea is simple: Have some random thoughts but no time to develop them fully? Jot down, share and get surprised by how other people may share the same thought too, or how they may view it in different ways.

How this will work

I write everyday, and I’m planning to compose a digest once a week on Sunday.
You don’t have to reply at all – taking the time to read my thoughts already mean a lot to me. But if you could offer me feedback, or if a particular thought resonates with you then voilà, please reply to the group. You just initiate our conversations!

How you can join

Click here Enzyme for Thoughts Then you will 1) start receive a digest per week 2) can respond 🙂 Or email me at g.khuyen@gmail.com

Reasons for you

  • A place to share. Your thoughts matter. They have to be shared somehow, and here is a good space for that. With a smaller and more specific group of audience – a group of good friends who enjoy the pursuit of ideas and knowledge, our thoughts could be quickly recorded and shared to get more feedback. The constant feedback loop guaranteed our learning.
  • Quick feedback: The goal is not to produce polished articles. It’s to capture thoughts and “farm ideas”. A side benefit of these exchanges is that as our ideas twist and turn, we have to revisit them and polish the writing anyway. Two birds in one stone!
  • More learning: We would all benefit from hearing from one another and from trying to answer some difficult questions together too.

My goals

  1. To encourage people to think and capture our thinking more. Many of us have the experience of being chased by a thought yet couldn’t capture it in time and ended up regretting for “losing it”.
    Reading is passive: it often gives us the “illusion of understanding” when we are actually not. We have all flipped through our books to revise for exam. We knew it didn’t work, but it soothed us anyhow.
  2. To encourage conversation and fruitful exchange of ideas. An idea is like a reactive gas: it’s amorphous; it quickly fills the entire space and readily interacts with other ideas. One of my professors told me recently that I should spend time digging deeper into some ideas – toying, wrestling and bouncing it with other people just to see where it may lead. The entire process from incubating an idea, verbalizing it, sharing with other people and synthesizing the responses is a great exercise in sharpening our thinking.
  3. To share: I encounter a bunch of articles that I think will be helpful to my friends. You too should share what you think would help all of us.

That’s it. Thank you for your reading & support, and hope to share with you more soon.


Here is a sample of a conversation you may expect to see. You can view a copy on the Google Group here or download a pdf copy here.

4 thoughts on “Enzyme for Thought

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  3. Hey Khuyen! Nice to see you write, and you write amazingly. Will it be possible if we can talk sometime as I would like to know more about your writing process.
    -Shivam 🙂 “

    • Sure. Sorry for not being in touch in a while. I write usually in the morning, but sometimes at night. What has been most helpful for me is to write regularly (daily journal). I also used Sublime text for writing coz I love the color 😀

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