Enzyme for Thought

Hello there,
Here’s the entire archive of my newsletters, Enzyme for Thoughts.

Every week or so, I’ll share a few thoughts or an experience, digested and dissected, which will help you make sense and metabolize the chaotic richness of life a bit better. That’s why it’s called Enzyme.

Feel free to browse through and subscribe if you find it helpful.

I started this process of self-inquiry a while ago and then realized that my friends found it helpful too.

“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”

– Moliere

Maybe not money yet, but at least writing regularly has been a transformative practice. Even more so is sharing it publicly. It has been five years since 2014, and I’m grateful for those of you who have been reading it 😃 . Cheers to the next 5 years!


21/01/2019 – Leapfrogging Consciousness
23/12/2018 – Truths in the Body
03/12/2018 – The Curse of Confidence
22/11/2018 – Give Thanks to the Lemon
11/11/2018 – Learning from a Leaked Laugh
03/11/2018 – Beyond Resentment
24/10/2018 – “Darling, it’s not the Real You”
16/10/2018 – Meet your ego’s needs, please.
06/10/2018 – The Courage to be Stinky
20/09/2018 – Three kinds of commitment
06/09/2018 – The trouble of loving what you do
28/08/2018 – Anger, part 2
16/08/2018 – Anger, revisited.
30/07/2018 – Dancing with Fear
24/07/2018 – Choose Care over Confidence.
15/07/2018 – Caring More About Less
18/06/2018 – A gift from Joanna Macy for those who need encouragement
07/06/2018 – Falling in love with brokenness.
23/05/2018 – When someone doesn’t want your blanket
15/05/2018 – After you lose yourself
02/05/2018 – Work, Passion and Courage
22/04/2018 – Daddy photons and the pleasure of wondering
15/04/2018 – Making space for sadness
02/04/2018 – Sitting with Heartbreak
22/03/2018 – Ending the War against Oneself
14/03/2018 – Making love with the world
07/03/2018 – The cynic and his pain
28/02/2018 – Attention, please
20/02/2018 – On kindness
13/02/2018 – Amazing Grace
08/02/2018 – One gift, two needs
31/01/2018 – Inner change, outer change
22/01/2018 – At the monastery
17/01/2018 – Hola, Vietnam!?
08/01/2018 – 2018: Deep Play in Spacious Passion
01/01/2018 – Blessed be the new year
26/12/2017 – 2017: through the tainted glass
18/12/2017 – Crisis of self-improvement
11/12/2017 – Erotic Gravity
04/12/2017 – Goodbye, America
27/11/2017 – ThanksGrieving
20/11/2017 – Meaning & Money
13/11/2017 – The varieties of dance encounters
07/11/2017 – Happy 3rd Birthday to Enzyme for Thoughts!
30/10/2017 – Playing With Existential Crises

Here are some notable posts from the low-tech rendition of Enzyme for Thoughts in Google Groups (circa 2014)
24/10/2017 – Be the Pain you don’t want to see in the world
16/10/2017 – The Happiness Menu
10/10/2017 – Fear, Courage and Play
03/10/2017 – No enlightenment, no problem
12/09/2017 – The pleasure in your hand
29/09/2017 – Self-made crisis by the summer bandit
18/07/2017 – Earthdance Experiment – Who’s crazy?

4 thoughts on “Enzyme for Thought

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  3. Hey Khuyen! Nice to see you write, and you write amazingly. Will it be possible if we can talk sometime as I would like to know more about your writing process.
    -Shivam 🙂 “

    • Sure. Sorry for not being in touch in a while. I write usually in the morning, but sometimes at night. What has been most helpful for me is to write regularly (daily journal). I also used Sublime text for writing coz I love the color 😀

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