Hello there,
Every once in a while, I’ll share a few thoughts and questions on a particular life experience, which will help you make sense and digest the chaotic richness of life a bit better. That’s why it’s called Enzyme.

Here are what some people say about it

“Your writing and depth really sunk into me… Wow, let me just say reading your words, you offer incredibly thought-provoking, soothing, and also enlivening perspectives. I feel very refreshed reading your shares.” – Jordyn

“You have a deep wish for grace and joy beyond sufferings. Me too!” – Ngan Ha

Feel free to browse through and subscribe if you find it helpful. HERE IT IS.

“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”

– Moliere


21/01/2019 – Leapfrogging Consciousness
23/12/2018 – Truths in the Body
03/12/2018 – The Curse of Confidence
22/11/2018 – Give Thanks to the Lemon
11/11/2018 – Learning from a Leaked Laugh
03/11/2018 – Beyond Resentment
24/10/2018 – “Darling, it’s not the Real You”
16/10/2018 – Meet your ego’s needs, please.
06/10/2018 – The Courage to be Stinky
20/09/2018 – Three kinds of commitment
06/09/2018 – The trouble of loving what you do
28/08/2018 – Anger, part 2
16/08/2018 – Anger, revisited.
30/07/2018 – Dancing with Fear
24/07/2018 – Choose Care over Confidence.
15/07/2018 – Caring More About Less
18/06/2018 – A gift from Joanna Macy for those who need encouragement
07/06/2018 – Falling in love with brokenness.
23/05/2018 – When someone doesn’t want your blanket
15/05/2018 – After you lose yourself
02/05/2018 – Work, Passion and Courage
22/04/2018 – Daddy photons and the pleasure of wondering
15/04/2018 – Making space for sadness
02/04/2018 – Sitting with Heartbreak
22/03/2018 – Ending the War against Oneself
14/03/2018 – Making love with the world
07/03/2018 – The cynic and his pain
28/02/2018 – Attention, please
20/02/2018 – On kindness
13/02/2018 – Amazing Grace
08/02/2018 – One gift, two needs
31/01/2018 – Inner change, outer change
22/01/2018 – At the monastery
17/01/2018 – Hola, Vietnam!?
08/01/2018 – 2018: Deep Play in Spacious Passion
01/01/2018 – Blessed be the new year
26/12/2017 – 2017: through the tainted glass
18/12/2017 – Crisis of self-improvement
11/12/2017 – Erotic Gravity
04/12/2017 – Goodbye, America
27/11/2017 – ThanksGrieving
20/11/2017 – Meaning & Money
13/11/2017 – The varieties of dance encounters
07/11/2017 – Happy 3rd Birthday to Enzyme for Thoughts!
30/10/2017 – Playing With Existential Crises

Here are some notable posts from the low-tech rendition of Enzyme for Thoughts in Google Groups (circa 2014)
24/10/2017 – Be the Pain you don’t want to see in the world
16/10/2017 – The Happiness Menu
10/10/2017 – Fear, Courage and Play
03/10/2017 – No enlightenment, no problem
12/09/2017 – The pleasure in your hand
29/09/2017 – Self-made crisis by the summer bandit
18/07/2017 – Earthdance Experiment – Who’s crazy?


4 thoughts on “Newsletter

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  3. Hey Khuyen! Nice to see you write, and you write amazingly. Will it be possible if we can talk sometime as I would like to know more about your writing process.
    -Shivam 🙂 “

    • Sure. Sorry for not being in touch in a while. I write usually in the morning, but sometimes at night. What has been most helpful for me is to write regularly (daily journal). I also used Sublime text for writing coz I love the color 😀

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